Research, Reporting & Planning

Do you have a question that you just cannot find the answer to?

Need to carry out a situational analysis or SWOT analysis or simply asses where your business is at.

Here at Agile CTSS our staff are experienced and practiced in the area of Research.

The staff have vast knowledge in many areas including Addictive Behaviors, Psychology, and Sociology and developing Digital Health Service Provision.

Many of our staff have written on many topics including Addiction, Poverty, Learning machine models in Healthcare, Ethics in Research are some examples.

Organisation reviews and change process studies can also be facilitated.

Our staff are also skilled in the development of Logic Modelling for your business.

Don't struggle to find the answer let us at Agile CTSS find the answers for you.

We will meet with you discuss the topic or question and formulate a plan to carry out the research.

Detailed plans will be provided to you including costing and time frame for your approval.

Contact us to discuss your needs.