The Community Reinforcement Approach (CRA)

The Community Reinforcement Approach (CRA) is a comprehensive behavioral program for treating substance-abuse problems.

The goal is to make a sober lifestyle more rewarding than the use of substances.

It is based on the belief that environmental contingencies can play a powerful role in encouraging or discouraging drinking or drug use.

Consequently, it utilizes specific reinforcers like:





CRA is rooted in operant principles,

CRA uses positive reinforcement for each step, no matter how small.

Many evidence based tools are utilized on the journey such as

Functional Analysis for using behavior,

Happiness Scale and many more.

Our CRA therapists are continually looking for opportunities to reinforce consumers. This assists the consumers in the recovery process

Given the objective of helping consumers master a specific set of skills necessary to achieve their goals, therapy is not complete until those skills are mastered and a reasonable degree of progress has been made toward obtaining their goals.

With this in mind, the amount of time that is required varies from individual to individual average 12 to 22 sessions.

Treatment frequency is dictated by the consumer’s motivation and progress.

Therapists can deliver a number of treatment strategies which help to develop and structure an effective intervention with a variety of consumers presenting with a diversity of needs.