ChangeD Program©

CHANGED Program©

Change Helps Address a Negative Grounded Embedded Demeanour ©

This program has been developed and designed over many years of working with individuals and groups. Many things can have a negative effect on the ability to manage feelings, to feel connected to people, and to get along with others. The CHANGED program© is designed specifically for the Military & Veteran communities from working with and mentoring Veterans. The program is also adapted for working with Frontline Services Staff. This program is based in Behavior Modification Modality and CBT principals and is effective in improving Emotion Regulation difficulties, Anger Management, Communication, Managing the transition from Structure to Civilian Life. Other areas identified by individuals is the reduction in interpersonal problems, increased social support and a rise in self-confidence. 

There is many components that are designed to be provided in a flexible manner to address each individual need identified through an Initial Assessment.


The Goal is to:

  • Be able to identify strategies that increases emotional awareness
  • Be able to identify strategies that improve emotion regulation
  • Be able to produce an interpersonal blueprint related to problematic social and interpersonal functioning
  • Be able to develop and test alternative interpersonal perspectives with the client
  • Learn strategies for effective assertiveness behaviors
  • Learn strategies for improving flexibility in interpersonal expectations and behaviors
  • Transitioning to civilian life the complexity and structure change.

The program runs from 12 to 16 weeks depending on client need and if required the program can be provided for longer periods.

The CHANGED Program© is available on a one to one basis or within a group setting.