Veterans & FrontLine Services 


Our team is highly skilled in Serving Member & Veteran Care and are  aware of the difficulties that Defence Forces/Military Service Personnel & Veterans face over the life span of their service, from pre deployment to post deployment, overseas duties and or due to retirement and moving into the civilian world.

This presents a period of time for some that find the re adjustment hard to overcome this may result in an inability for understanding by family members and friends of the difficulty they are facing. Unfortunately some veterans struggle to readjust and engage in addictive behaviors to provide relief from issues like PTSD, Dual Diagnosis and other difficulties.

Team members have supported veterans in that transition and working through a Life Skills Model and through Life/Whole Health Coaching to equip them with the skills needed to make the transition.

You can rely on our team to provide an understanding of these difficulties and a non-judgmental approach to helping you overcome this. Serving Members & Veterans can be assured that the professionals providing this support are knowledgeable and experienced in such issues.


Our staff are also experienced in working with our Law Enforcement/Policing partners. Staff have developed programs, provided workshops and written on the topic of working with law enforcement providers. Working alongside them to develop interventions and initiatives which have enhanced community relationships and broken down the barriers between them and the local communities and provided a multi-agency approach to problem solving. This provides solid respectful relationships in the community. Law Enforcement providers gain a new and solid understanding of the issues facing families and individuals. Officers can easily deliver interventions as routine to support the de-escalation process. Regular reviews and reporting forms part of the service that we offer.

Services such as PTSD Awareness, The CHANGE Program© ,Life Coaching, Life Skills Programs, Deployment & Reintegration, Managing my Mental Health and many more are offered.

To all our front line services we respect your sacrifice and thank you for your service.


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