Training  Program  Feedback 


"A journey that takes you gently with it and gives you an insight of the subject that's easy to understand"


"Would have loved it was longer. It will help us to think more deeply about how to help veterans and find a new purpose in life"


"I was stuck to the whole seminar and would do it all over again"


"Insightful program I learned so much I could have stayed longer"


"Very enjoyable and worthwhile course"


"Very Insightful program"


"It was great"


"It was great linking in with the circadian rhythms webinar this evening. I highly recommend it. Thank you so much" 


"I just attended a Webinar on circadian rhythm delivered by here. I have to say, delivered really well. Summarised in 30 minutes, it gave me a great understanding of what Circadian rhythm is and why it's important and gave me all the information I need to confidently pursue my own further research A++"


"I posted this on the group but I just wanted to post it here too. Thank you so much for the Circadian rhythms session tonight.  People always said that sleep is important but I didn't realise just how much and why it is. I'm looking forward to the next session"