What is One to One Support

One to One support either online or in person means that you get to meet with one of our skilled professionals. This will be offered in a comfortable and non-judgmental setting where confidentiality is to the fore.

You will be asked to consent to the meeting and a confidentiality contract will be signed.

The meeting usually lasts about 60 minutes and a detailed history and current issues will be discussed.

The professional may decide with you if you require an assessment of needs and this will only be done as directed by you.

At the end of the meeting the professional will feedback and discuss with you if the information they gathered is correct.

The professional will provide you with an interpretation of the needs outlined and resources like life skills and other programs that may help and benefit you.

Referral to other services may be required.

The decision then remains with you at all times if you which to engage in our service.

If you decide to work with us a detailed care plan will be developed and objectives set by you and directed by you will be determined.

You remain the expert in you and what care you require the professional will assist you in the process.

Once the meeting has concluded if further appointments are required these will be set in advance of leaving.